If you are unable to find the personalised glass, award or gift you are looking for from our online engraving shop, click on the catalogue images below to view our full engraving catalogues.

Details of House signs, Plastic and brass plaques, Funeral plates, pet tags and slate gifts can be found by browsing the categories in our shop, these are not in the catalogues below.

The first two catalogues show a range of trophies, awards, medals, gifts and glass, whilst the last two catalogues are glass only.

Martin Dare Engraving Trophies Catalogue

Martin Dare Engraving - Swatkins Trophies Catalogue

Martin Dare Engraving - Glass and Crystal Catalogue

Martin Dare Engraving - Crystal Catalogue

Contact us for more details and prices of any items in these engraving catalogues you are interested in. Note that there may be an additional charge for postage if we don't usually keep the item you have chosen in stock, however this is dependant on the size of your order.